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What in-house communicators can do for your B2B brand?

What in-house communicators can do for your B2B brand?

“In the Digital Age, speed (aka, no warning) and transparency (aka, the whole world is now watching) are the rule, not the exception. That means every B2B is now a B2C.”

The point of B2B communications is to engage in efforts that make your products stand out from the competition.  

Its responsibility is to ensure that brand awareness is done in the best way possible.

And its opportunity is to tell enriching stories about your brand.  

Along the way, companies got the idea that the job of B2B communicators is solely to provide support to various teams in their communications efforts. Day-to-day activities included drafting press releases, writing newsletter articles, creating sales sheets, and sharing product-related posts on LinkedIn. All categorically support functions of their peers.  

Is this what B2B communicators do all day? In some instances, I am guessing so. Given the opportunity, B2B communicators can deliver so much more.  

What if we utilised Communications as a strategic instrument in the company?

B2B communicators can help companies articulate thought leadership, announce new product offerings and foster deeper connection with your customer base. Not only can your communicators draft newsletter articles, but also ascertain the best narrative for your successes, create partnerships with your customers, and convert your biggest naysayers into advocates of your brand.  

For that, companies must move past seeing the role of communicators as a support one and start seeing them as experts in their field who can deliver beyond the rhetoric. Gone are the days where communicators are presentation-cleaners or proof-readers. They are strategic thinkers who know exactly how to showcase the value of your brand.  

Need motivation? Here are three companies in niche sectors where communicators are leading. You will see that they have a clear grasp of:

  • What works best for their (niche) audience (relatable and collaborative content),
  • How their solutions solve their customer's problem(s) (while not creating another one) and
  • How to convert exposure (to potential customers) into engagement, preference, impact and advocacy.

King of content marketing: Tetra Pak

King of transparency - Danish Crown

King of collaborative innovation - DS Smith


Building a B2B brand means telling more than just your story

Building a B2B brand means telling more than just your story

When communications professionals dig deeper

When communications professionals dig deeper