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"I have seen your series on Superbugs. This is great! Please continue to keep me informed on EDMA work in this area in particular."  - World Health Organisation


In an image-dominated age, scientific concepts are best conveyed with visuals that tell a story. It takes long research, patience to listen to those in the know-how and talent for creating prose. Here's a look at a visual and video explaining in vitro diagnostics and their role in healthcare.

Lab Tests Online

"EDMA is a valued partner, and Shweta has done a tremendous job leveraging Lab Tests Online to open doors for both our organizations." - American Association for Clinical Chemistry 

Twitter chat

Debunking the myths about cancer is not only the responsibility of the Union for International Cancer Control. All players must play their part.  In 2013 on World Cancer Day, for the first time ever, the medical diagnostic industry engaged in a one-of-a-kind conversation with the other players via a twitter chat. Many lessons were learned and insights gained rejuvanating the industry to play their part - more effectively.