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Big reports

MedTech Europe Activity Report 

Date: October 2014
Client: MedTech Europe
Role: Project Manager
URL: Delivering Change. Fulfilling the promise of European healthcare. 
More information: For 2012 and 2013, we set ambitious goals for ourselves. We spent long hours working and thinking our actions through. This is our report card.  Look out for the ambulance for the work done for medtech industry as a whole, petri dish for work done for in vitro diagnostic industry alone and the stethoscope for medical devices industry alone. 


Contract for a Healthy Future

Date: October 2012
Client: European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association
Role: Communications Manager
URL: Contract for a Healthy Future (reforminghealthcare.eu)
More information: The medical devices and diagnostic industry realises that the current model of doing business is not a sustainable one. They have signed up to this strategy, known as the Contract for a Heathy Future in order to engage in value-based innovation. So what is value-based innovation?  Stay tuned to find out. Until then click on the url below to read the Contract for a Heathy Future.

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